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About > Business Introduction > Quartz Crystal Units 

Quartz Crystal Units

 Quartz Crystal Properties
When pressure is applied to a quartz crystal in the crystal axis (X-axis), an electric charge arises on the surface of the crystal, and if a voltage is applied to a quartz crystal plate, the crystal will deform internally. These phenomena are known as the piezoelectric and inverse piezoelectric effects.

 Quartz Crystal Units
Electrodes are attached to a crystal blank cut at a precise angle from a high purity synthetic quartz crystal and the unit is enclosed in a sealed package.

When connected to an inverting amplifier, the unit will produce a highly stable resonance frequency on an oscillation circuit. This frequency can be used as an electrical signal in a variety of electronic and electrical equipment.

Main Applications


Audio & visual / Office automation equipment

 Quartz Crystal Unit Manufacturing Processes

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About > Business Introduction > Quartz Crystal Units 
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