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 1941 - 1975
KYOCERA Crystal Device traces its origins back to Kinsekisha Kenkyujo.
The company split off from Kinsekisha Hosekiten, a small jewelry business in Kanda-Ogawamachi, Tokyo, for the purpose of manufacturing quartz crystal units.

photo:KINSEKISHA jeweler's shop photo:KINSEKISHA jeweler's shop

1941 Quartz crystal-related business split off from Kinsekisha Hosekiten and was established as an independent company in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, under the name Kinsekisha Kenkyujo.
1942   Production of quartz crystal oscillators begins.
1944   Quartz crystal oscillator with electrodes developed using chemical plating.
1947   Frequency fine-tuning method for quartz crystal units with electrodes developed using chemical plating.
1949   Sales division split off to form Kinsekisha Co., Ltd.;
sales branches established in Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo and Kyoto City.
1950   Kinsekisha Kenkyujo Co., Ltd. (now KYOCERA Crystal Device) established with capital of 3 million yen; Professor Hidetsugu Yagi asked to act as advisor; Company approved by Japan Ministry of Electrical Communications as manufacturer of quartz crystal oscillators.
1955   "The Theory and Practice of Quartz Crystal Oscillators" by Director of Research Division Toshio Shinada, published by Ohmsha, Ltd.
1956   Production of quartz crystal filters begins.
1957   Successful development of "barium titanate monocrystal" with guidance from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Electrical Communication Research Institute.
"Quartz Crystal Unit Pocket Book" published; experiments in growing synthetic quartz crystal successful. Quartz Crystal Unit Pocket Book
1959   Convex quartz crystal unit developed; GT cut quartz crystal unit delivered to Denpa Kenkyujo; Oki Electric Industry acquires 30,000 shares; phase 1 construction work at Setagaya Plant (Japan) completed; digital frequency counter developed.
1960   Work on commercialization of synthetic quartz crystal growing commences.
1961   Tuning fork crystal resonator developed; quartz crystal oscillator unit commercialized; factory established in Asahi City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.
1962   Digital frequency counter developed.
1963   Four synthetic quartz crystal growing autoclaves installed at Asahi Plant (Japan) and production commences.
1970   Success in growing lithium niobate and lithium tantalate monocrystals; construction of Komae Plant (Japan) completed; monolithic crystal filter developed.
1971   Quartz crystal filter for optical use developed; quartz crystal oscillator for wristwatches developed.
1974   Quartz crystal units, quartz crystal filters approved by NASDA.
1975   Hokkaido Kinseki Co., Ltd. established in Mikasa City, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.
photo:Hokkaido Kinseki Co., Ltd.

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About > History > 1941 - 1975 
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