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About Quartz Crystal > Quartz Crystal Materials

Quartz Crystal Materials

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 What Is Quartz Made of?
Quartz is a silicate. Silicates are commonly occurring minerals, but specific synthesizing conditions are required for silicon to become quartz, and it is no exaggeration to say that the formation of large quartz crystals takes many years and involves a considerable element of chance.

Making Synthetic Crystals
We synthesize quartz crystals, which occur by chance in nature, for use in the electrical equipment that has come to play such an important role in everyday life. If we were to rely on chance, we would rarely be able to obtain good materials. That is why we began to manufacture quartz crystals artificially. Today, our recrystallized quartz crystals are utilized in many fields.

Synthetic Quartz Crystals are Made of Natural Quartz
To grow synthetic quartz crystals, one needs a vessel capable of withstanding great pressure and high temperatures. Such vessels are known as "autoclaves." Synthetic quartz crystals are made of "natural quartz," specifically from "lasca" scraps of natural quartz crystal with very few impurities. These are put into the autoclave, which is filled with an alkaline solution, and heated to make the seed crystal grow.

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About Quartz Crystal > Quartz Crystal Materials
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