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Quartz Crystal Devices

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 Digital Still Camera (DSC) Applications
Quartz crystal devices are also used in DSCs, along with quartz crystal units in optical devices. They also play a vital role in CCDs, where they compensate the optical "bleeding" peculiar to CCDs, and are an essential component of SLR and compact cameras. Quartz Crystal Devices image1

 Used in a Variety of Electronic Components
Quartz crystal devices include quartz crystal units, quartz crystal oscillators and quartz crystal filters. Quarts crystal devices are also used in a range of sensors.

Quartz crystal units consist of a wafer of quartz to which metallic electrodes are attached. They are enclosed in a sealed package and oscillate when connected to an oscillation circuit.

Quartz Crystal Devices image2
Quartz crystal oscillators combine semiconductors and quartz crystal units, and emit an oscillation signal when the power is switched on. There are many different kinds of oscillators, some with highly precise temperature compensation circuits, and others enclosed in constant temperature ovens.   Quartz Crystal Devices image3
There are two basic types of quartz crystal filters: monolithic crystal filters and surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters. These devices allow the selection of the desired signal and help to achieve interference-free communication.   Quartz Crystal Devices image4

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About Quartz Crystal > Quartz Crystal Devices 
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