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2014-06-24 Changes in Directors
2014-04-01 Changes in Directors
2013-06-24 Changes in Directors
2013-04-01 Changes in Directors
2012-09-27 KYOCERA Develops 32kHz AT-cut Crystal Oscillator with World's First Low Current Consumption of 80μA
2012-09-06 KYOCERA Develops New TCXO for Mobile Communications Handsets with Industry-Leading Low-Phase Noise and Worldfs Smallest Size
2012-06-18 Changes in Directors
2012-04-01 Changes in Directors
2011-12-26 Notice of our corporate name change
2011-09-15 Be Careful For the Fake Product!(pdf/55KB)PDF
2011-06-16 Changes in Directors
2011-06-06 KYOCERA Produces Industry's First Crystal Unit with Temperature Sensor Allowing Highly Precise Temperature Compensation, Compatible with Qualcomm Chipsets
2010-10-01 Changes in Directors
2010-04-01 Changes in Directors
2010-03-01 Changes in Directors
2009-10-01 KYOCERA Develops Industry's First Crystal Etalon Filter Allowing Selection of Wavelength Temperature Coefficient
2009-09-02 KYOCERA Develops Industry's First Wavelength-Selective Crystal 1/2 Wave Plate Enabling Multi-Use of 3 Wavelengths
2009-07-16 KYOCERA Develops Industryfs First SAW Filter with High Selectivity for the Prevention of Radio Wave Interference
2009-06-15 Changes in Directors
2009-04-01 Changes in Directors

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